Riding Hood is a fully insured, local LLC.

Riding Hood is owned and operated by Litchfield county resident Kim Widener. Kim has lived in the foothills of the Berkshires since 2015 and has a great appreciation for all the area has to offer, particularly the natural beauty and the creativity of its residents. Her passion for quality artisan foods and premium services are the inspiration for Riding Hood.

The Concept

This service was in development long before Coronavirus changed the world.

What was designed to be a luxury service, 3 days a week, hit the ground 5 days a week with our team working from Guido’s opening until closing.

We thank you for your kind words and support. We understand how frustrating it is for you to be in the store, selecting your items.

We truly try to shop as you would, so the more specific you are, the more we understand what you want. Describing label colors, package shapes and item locations helps us tremendously. We are all trying our best and we want you to be happy when your groceries arrive.