Cost and Receipt

The basic fee for our shop/delivery service is $25 for orders with a register amount of less than $300.

For order $300 or more, the fee, instead, is 10% of the register amount.

The total amount charged to your Credit card is : The register amount + Riding Hood fee + Distance fee (if applicable) + Chosen gratuity + Credit Card Transaction Fee

Please note that Riding Hood pays for your groceries at the register, and we reimburse ourself within 72hours.

A distance surcharge is applied based on our driving time from Guido’s in Great Barrington to your location, as determined by Google Maps.

0 – 12 minutes: Free
13 – 19 minutes: $10
20 – 29 minutes: $20
30 – 39 minutes: $50
40 – 45 minutes: $65

A 3% credit card transaction fee is also applied to every order.

There are no minimum or maximum purchases

For example, if your Guido’s register receipt is 125.50 and you indicated you would like to include $20 gratuity, you will be charged as follows:

$125.50 (register amount) + $25 (Riding Hood fee) + $20 (tip) + $5.11 (credit card processing) = $170.61

This price reflects shopping and delivering your order to the highest standards.

Always contact us with questions, suggestions and comments (positive or constructive) to help us improve our service. We want Riding Hood delivery process be a positive experience for you.